Please send any questions or comments to
Who develops your games?
Golden Hammer Software is mostly Kevin Merrill and David Wingrove. We are both programmers and designers making efforts to do every other job associated with game development. We work with other people when possible for contributions. Notably, Eric Camara made the Big Mountain Snowboarding snowboarder and some of our icons, and Lou Catanzaro made the Trick Shot Bowling logo and icon.
Are you available for contract work?
Yes we are. We are experts and porting any game engine to any platform that supports the language of the original. We also develop new content. Send inquiries to
Can we use your game for monetized Let's Play or other videos
Yes! We believe these types of videos are beneficial to the developers. This includes Bid for Power, Big Mountain Snowboarding, Trick Shot Bowling, Scribble Worm, Castle Dungeon, or any other game of ours unless explicitly specified.
Can we distribute your games from our own servers?
We do not give permission to distribute any of our game downloads, including the free versions. We want to ensure that we can give updates to our players. This has happened on Android stores that we are not associated with. Players are left behind on old versions because we do not know about them. There will be an official link on the game's page for distribution sites we are supporting.